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"Breathing is the first thing we do when we enter this world and the last thing we do before we exit it."


Meet Lindsay Dalton, level II certified breathwork facilitator and owner of Inner Alchemy

I’m here to remind you that your past doesn’t define you, and that you are capable of rewriting your story at any time. Breathwork is a powerful tool for processing and releasing trauma, unresolved emotional wounding, regulating your nervous system and strengthening the relationship with your body. Our breath is one of the only autonomic functions in the body that we can also take control of to optimize our wellbeing from the inside out.

My holistic, trauma-informed approach ensures that you receive the guidance and support needed to make lasting changes in your life. Learn more about my story here or get in touch with my Cincinnati Breathwork Practice.

Breathwork facilitator

How can practicing breathwork improve my life?

Hands on Heart Breathwork
  • Improved Nervous system regulation - The nervous system is responsible for managing almost everything you do, involving processes like movement, thought, memory, and automatic functions like breathing.

  • Emotional resiliency - An emotionally resilient person, even when facing stress, adversity, or trauma, can still feel emotions such as anger, grief, and pain and navigate them effectively.

  • Reduced stress and anxiety - Practicing breathwork can be an effective way of reducing stress and anxiety.

  • Improved mental clarity - Consistent practice of breathwork can result in enhanced mindfulness, which involves being present and fully engaged with what you're doing, free from distraction or judgment.

  • Better sleep - By reducing stress, anxiety and improving mental clarity many clients are able to experience better sleep.

  • Stronger immune system - Deep breathing techniques can lead to an overall improvement in health including a healthier immune response from your body.

  • Helps with inflammation in the body - Chronic stress has been linked to an increase in inflammation in the body, which is associated with conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and stress. Breathwork can help manage stress, which in turn can lead to reduced inflammation.

  • Detoxifying - Breathwork involves deep and mindful breathing, which can significantly increase the oxygen supply in your body. Oxygen plays an important role in the body's natural detoxification process.

Read what my clients are saying:

Tiffani B.

“Going into breathwork I didn’t know what to expect. Lindsay created a safe space to hold the energy and emotion that I was able to experience in my body. Breathwork has done more for me than talk therapy has. Each session has offered a different experience and given me a lot to apply and sit with even after I leave. I’m incredibly grateful to have this experience and go on this journey, and that Lindsay creates the environment to be able to do it.” 

Maria A.

"I came into this experience with so many self-limiting beliefs and emotional blocks and left my breathwork therapy session feeling like something healed within, on a deeper level.  It was like a giant puzzle piece I had been searching for inside fell into place that shattered every doubt and broke the dam of every emotional block I was holding onto.  The relief, peace, & mental clarity I felt immediately after my session was moving and truly an experience I will never forget."

Alia S.

“Lindsay, thank you again so much for an incredible breathwork experience. I was able to let go and release in such a soft and supported way without self-consciousness because of the wonderfully safe container you create. After our session, I felt so much lighter and more liberated in every way and I am continuing to feel the benefits unfold as I’m more present in each moment. You are such a gentle healer. Can’t wait to work with you again.”



What are you waiting for?

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Ready to start your journey with Inner Alchemy Breathwork? Schedule your first breathwork session using my secure Square booking site.


If you still have questions about how breathwork can improve your life I encourage you to reach out directly using the form on my contact page. You can also get in touch by sending me a message on Instagram (@_lindsaydalton).

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