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In Person Breathwork Cincinnati

Welcome to our in person breathwork Cincinnati experience. This breathwork practice is designed to offer you a wildly transformative, yet safe and nurturing experience. It is an ancient healing technique that has roots in various cultures and spiritual practices, encouraging you to reconnect with the innermost parts of your being.

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What makes breathwork so powerful?

You can harness the transformative power of your breath anywhere, anytime.

Therapeutic breathwork is a modality that involves using the breath in a concentrated, medicinal dose to promote deeper levels of healing.


It stimulates the emotional and primal parts of the brain and leads you into altered states of consciousness, allowing emotion and unresolved trauma to rise to the surface and be discharged from the body.


Somatic discharge can manifest as things such as involuntary shaking, tremoring, emotional release, as well as euphoria, bliss, peace and mystical experiences. Over time, this will support you in regulating your nervous system, expanding your window of tolerance and creating more freedom in your body.


Who is in person breathwork good for?

While there are contraindications to therapeutic breathwork, it is suitable for a wide range of individuals as it offers you immense growth physically, mentally and emotionally.


Anyone looking for support with stress management, anxiety, depression, trauma, chronic pain, cognitive function, mood regulation and overall optimization of health can greatly benefit.

The beauty of leading an in-person session with clients is my ability to integrate aromatherapy and gentle body work where appropriate to support you as your body releases and regulates.


Lindsay is here to help you connect with this life changing medicine through her work at Inner Alchemy.


What are the benefits of breathwork?

  • Reduced stress and anxiety: The release of neurotransmitters, along with brain wave modulation and nervous system unwinding, can support the reduction of stress and anxiety not only during the session, but in the days and weeks following.

  • Improved focus and mental clarity:  Because breathwork supports regulation in the mind and body, it can help to clear your mind, allowing you to concentrate better and think more clearly in your day to day life.

  • Better emotional balance and resilience: Regular breathwork sessions can help you develop greater emotional awareness and nervous system resilience, enabling you to navigate through life with greater ease.

  • Increased energy and vitality: Breathwork can help to boost your energy levels and improve your overall sense of vitality.

  • Enhanced sleep quality: Many people find that practicing breathwork helps them sleep better, as it helps to calm the mind and relax the body.

  • Boosted immune system: By reducing stress and promoting relaxation, breathwork can also help to strengthen your immune system, making you less susceptible to illness.

What to expect during your breathwork session?

  • Duration: Sessions typically last 75 - 90 minutes, including time for discussion and journaling.

  • Location: 323 W 5th St. Cincinnati, OH 45202

  • What to bring: Please wear whatever you feel most comfortable in, and have a journal, pen and water with you.

  • How to prepare: I contact clients directly one day prior to our session to touch base and answer any questions you may have. Please refrain from consuming any recreational substances at least 24 hours beforehand. Avoid caffeine and a large meal approximately 2 hours beforehand. And most importantly, remember that there is nothing to be nervous about. Your body knows exactly what to do!

"The body remembers what the mind forgets."


Schedule your service today

Are you ready to start your breathwork journey with Inner Alchemy? You can schedule your appointment using the button below. If you still have questions about what to expect be sure to check out my FAQ page or feel free to reach out directly using my contact page. Are you ready to experience breathwork Cincinnati?

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