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Inner Alchemy Mentorship

A personalized, intimate, advanced trauma-informed experience designed for those ready for a true initiation.


Those ready to stop thinking and start doing — by surpassing the mind and working directly with your body.


Getting to the root of why you are immobilized by anxiety, can’t seem to implement and maintain healthy habits, struggle with feeling and understanding your emotions, don’t feel seen in your relationships, are disconnected from intuition, and more.


This involves meeting yourself where you are now, traveling deep into your body, and practicing radical honesty with what you find there.


Your past doesn’t define you — but only if you take the time and action to clear it from your body, your subconscious and unconscious (which run the show).


I’ve spent the last 10 years in the arena learning how to understand my internal world, hold myself in the full spectrum of emotion, live in harmony with my intuition and clear years of trauma from my body.


Staring fear, immobilization, abandonment, grief and bitterness in the face with openness and curiosity.


This is the primary reason why I have made the quantum leaps that I have in my life. There is no better teacher than lived experience, and I’m here to take you through the same work I’ve gone through that took me from surviving, struggling in silence, to a thriving and deeply aligned life.


My top priority is always safety. Meeting you where you are with kindness and compassion, knowing this is the key to sustainable growth.


This process is a remembering of who you really are — that you are whole, you are love, you are abundant and are your own healer.

I look forward to working with you.

Big love,




  • 3 months of mentorship

  • weekly somatic healing sessions tailored to you — breathwork, trauma-release exercises, somatic yoga, yoga nidra, visualization work, affirmation work, inner child work, shadow work, chakra healing

  • bi-weekly integration coaching sessions — helping you embody these practices, understand yourself better and provide accountability

  • custom guided meditations that are yours to keep

  • M-F text and voice support


These sessions will be via Zoom in the comfort of your home, and will be tailored to you each week.

Investment: $500/month

Payment plans tailored to your budget are available.

Apply below!

“Going into breathwork I didn’t know what to expect. Lindsay created a safe space to hold the energy and emotion that I was able to experience in my body. Breathwork has done more for me than talk therapy has. Each session has offered a different experience and given me a lot to apply and sit with even after I leave. I’m incredibly grateful to have this experience and go on this journey, and that Lindsay creates the environment to be able to do it.”

Tiffani B.

Mentorship Application

Thank you! Lindsay will be in touch with you soon.

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